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Business operations can be compared to chess – one must always keep a keen eye on all the moving parts so they stay in control. That is my role. Together, we develop a plan of action, which I then execute. I am the "management navigator," navigating managment issues for you.

Here are three examples of how this kind of collaboration has worked with other clients:

#1 Manufacturing 


The Company specializes in the use of pressure sensitive material to manufacture component parts.


Phase One Issues: The organizational structure was ineffective and financial data was not available on a timely basis.





#2  Specialty Fabrication


The Company is a world leader in the specialized fabrication of complex sculptures for the leading contemporary artists of our time.  


Issues: The Company had grown dramatically in a short span of time. Both owners had expertise in creative fabrication but neither had experience managing an enterprise. 

#3  Intellectual Property



The Company was founded by a plastic surgeon who invented and patented a minimally invasive procedure and surgical kit and video imaging system.

Issues: During the first year, the Company had committed itself to unnecessary overhead costs. 

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