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There are a number of common bottlenecks that today’s entrepreneurs encounter.  
My goal is to partner with you to alleviate these bottlenecks. Here are a few examples:

As business grows, stress levels are increasing exponentially

My client says: “Right now success is not looking attractive and seems like just an unending series of firefights. This causes greater separation from what I know and what I  like to do the best.  However, I fear that structure will eliminate the creativity that has propelled the current growth.”


Successful companies need to find the proper balance between creativity and structure.  I help you find that balance. Together we define priorities and assign responsibilities so that you can focus on the future.


Employees do not always accomplish what is needed

My client says: “I’m an idea person. I  know what that idea looks like but I struggle with putting that vision into words so it comes across clearly to my employees.”


I help replace that confusion by eliminating the disconnect by clarifying expectations for everyone involved.


Sales are dramatically increasing but there is a shortage of cash

My client says: “My company is growing by leaps and bounds, but ironically, this growth seems to be absorbing rather than generating the needed cash flow to sustain the business.”


Cash is King. Advanced planning forecasts future capital needs. I implement such a process so that cash flow crises will be avoided.


Critical financial and non-critical financial information is not available on a timely basis 

My client says: “The Company is growing dynamically, but the data I’m getting is not timely enough to assist me in making informed decisions.”   


Current and relevant information is required to make informed decisions. I work to identify what is most relevant, then create an information dashboard that captures data on a timely basis.

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