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Successful businesses achieve a well-balanced creativity/stability mix between visionary ideas and business operations.


The idea person looks to the future unencumbered by operations, and the business person insures that daily management issues are handled. This collaboration ensures that business is moving forward while operations are kept on track.

You are the visionary. My expertise is business operations.


Sample questions I ask in order to develop a mutually acceptable operational plan and a healthy creativity/stability mix:


  • What do you like about your current role? 

  • Are you spending time on matters that you do not enjoy?

  • Are you inundated with business issues that would be best handled by someone else?

  • Is your attention to business issues holding you and your company back from greater success?

  • Is your intellectual property legally protected?

  • Are your employees sufficiently productive?  Are your priorities clear and understood by your employees?  Are the priorities being followed?

  • What pleases and disappoints you about current employee performance?

  • Are you satisfied with the nature and timeliness of the Company’s financial and non-financial information?

  • Is your company’s cash flow a mystery?

  • Are your company’s sales and marketing functions operating effectively?

                   Published Article                      
A Roadmap to Enjoying Your Business and Achieving Financial Success

Are you ensnared by a maze of management responsibilities? These articles demonstrate how you can be free to pursue the creative business activities you enjoy and why you initially launched your business.


Part 1 - Identifies company and personal goals. Part 1 and can be downloaded here.


Part II - Addresses developing action plans. 


Part III - Describes how executed action plans assist in achieving your goals. 


If you are interested in receiving Parts II and III, please call or email me and I will send these to you for free.

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